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Computer Literacy for the St. Kizito Secondary School
Located in Uganda, East Africa

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St Kizito secondary school



Student Profiles

Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster

Former Child Soldier: Sarah spent 6 years in abduction

Student Sarah spent six years in abduction by the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda. "In the bush I was trained as a soldier and children of my age died. Others were killed by the rebels because they complained of being tired and others who were thirsty were forced to drink their own urine. Now I have to worry no more because of the community I live in which is very considerate people, kind and loving. The school offers me a chance of peace and change."

Computer Lesson

AIDS Orphan: Okello

Student Okello is an orphan. "I was left with taking care of the family at a young age and without resources. I joined St. Kizito Secondary School and it kept me strong knowing that I had a better place to stay. It shaped me spiritually, mentally and helped to draw my focus to my future."

Computer Lab

Poverty: Edward

Edward is a student stricken by poverty and the loss of his father. "St. Kizito has groomed me up into an upright child. I am now able to accept myself the way I am, make appropriate decisions and live life the way it comes."





St. Kizito Computer Literacy Aid


St. Kizito Computer Literacy Project: 4 Oneworld will fund

For 5 years. That's right, 5 years! 2006-2011. Project Specifications

The teacher has started and the computer lab now has 42 computers!

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"These children are a gift. We can make them the best people we desire in our society. In spite of their past, they can do great things. All they need is acceptance and a chance."

Elizabeth Odyek, Headmistress

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St. Kizito Computer Literacy Project

St. Kizito is a high school with the majority of students are AIDS orphans, former child soldiers and the locally impoverished in need of computer literacy.

Project Goal

Provide the computer lab, the IT teacher and Internet from 2006-2010


2006-Present: 4 Oneworld upgraded the lab with 42 computers and has been funding the internet & IT teacher.

2009: St. Kizito received honors for the top computer literacy program in the country of Uganda from UNESCO.

2011: St. Kizito understands the value of computer literacy and has implemented the teacher’s salary and internet into their budget